Membership in the Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Studies (SEDERI) is open to all persons interested in English Renaissance studies. The Society intends to promote the study of topics related to the language, literature, and culture of sixteenth and seventeenth-century England through its publications, conferences and supporting other scientific activities related to that area.

Members receive subscriptions to the yearbook and the newsletter published by the society. Members are also included in our mailing list which posts information on publications, CFPs and other topics related to English Renaissance studies, including the Society’s annual meeting.

To become a member, please fill in the enrollment form and email it to the Secretary-Treasurer of the association ( As soon as you get the acknowledgment of receipt, you will be a member.

The annual membership fee is 40 €, to be paid by direct debit to your bank account or through PayPal (

If you choose to  transfer the fee to Sederi’s bank account you can write to for more information.