SEDERI Research Prize

As part of its commitment to endorsing the work of new researchers in the field of early modern English studies, the Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies (SEDERI) awards the SEDERI Research Prize to the best paper presented in its annual conferences by a Ph.D. candidate.



1) Participants must be conference delegates who at the time of the conference are graduate students of an official Ph.D. programme. Delegates must verify their status as Ph. D. candidates before the conference, preferably during the registration. They must specify the provisional title of their Ph.D. thesis, the programme and institution, and their supervisor’s name.

2) Participants that were awarded the prize in previous years are not eligible a second time.

3) The papers presented by all eligible candidates will be assessed by a jury of specialists appointed by the SEDERI executive board and the organizing board of each conference.

4) The jury will take into consideration the papers’ originality and quality, their structure and organization, as well as the candidates’ oral skills.

5) The jury’s decision will be announced during the closing remarks of each conference.

6) The SEDERI Research Prize is endowed with 150€. SEDERI will also certify the awarding of this prize with a diploma. The jury may award the prize ex aequo.