Sederi 25

Sederi 25
Sederi 25 — 2015
Berta Cano Echevarría & Ana Sáez-Hidalgo
Francisco J. Borge López
ISSN 1135-7789

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Obituary in memoriam Prof. F. J. Sánchez Escribano 5-8

ARTICLES Pag.        
Calbi, Maurizio. Exilic/idyllic Shakespeare: Reiterating Pericles in Jacques Rivette’s Paris nous appartient 11-30
Caporicci, Camilla. The tyranny of immaterialism: Refusing the body in The Winter’s Tale 31-54
Hadfield, Andrew. Grimalkin and other Shakespearean Celts 55-76
Houliston, Victor. Filling in the blanks: Catholic hopes for the English succession 77-104
Lasa Álvarez, Begoña. Constructing a portrait of the early-modern woman writer for eighteenth-century female readers: George Ballard’s Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain (1752) 105-127
Rayner, Francesca. Adapting Macbeth in a Lusophone context: The challenges of intercultural performance 129-151

NOTES Pag.        
Mora, María José. The casting of Sancho in Durfey’s The Comical History of Don Quixote, Parts I-II (1694) 155-167

REVIEWS Pag.        
Camilla Caporici. 2013. The Dark Lady. La Rivoluzione Shakespeariana nei Sonetti Alla Dama Bruna, Passignano Sul Trasimeno (by Cristiano Ragni) 171-173
Pilar Cuder-Domínguez, ed. 2014. Genre in English Literature, 1650-1700: Transitions in Drama and Fiction (by Jonathan P. A. Sell) 175-180
Andy Kesson. 2014. John Lyly and Early Modern Authorship (by Jonathan P. A. Sell) 181-187
Philip Lorenz. 2013. The Tears of Sovereignty: Perspectives of Power in Renaissance Drama (by Víctor Huertas) 189-194
Laura Martínez-García. 2014. Seventeenth- and Eighteenth Century English Comedies as a New Kind of Drama (by Jorge Figeroa Dorrego) 195-200
Ángel-Luis Pujante, Juan F. Cerdá, eds. 2014. Shakespeare en España: Bibliografía anotada bilingüe / Shakespeare in Spain: an Annotated Bilingual Bibliography (by Rui Carvalho Homem) 201-205
Miguel Ramalhete Gomes. 2014. Texts Waiting for History: William Shakespeare re-imagined by Heine Müller (by Francesca Rayner) 207-211
Richards, Cynthia & Mary Ann O’Donnell eds. 2014. Approaches to Teaching Behn’s Oroonoko (by Ángeles Tomé Rosales) 213-217

Shakespeare in Almagro 2014: Hambret (by Isabel Guerrero) 219-223