Sederi Yearbook 21

Sederi 21
Sederi 21 — 2011
Berta Cano Echevarría & Ana Sáez-Hidalgo
Francisco J. Borge López
ISSN 1135-7789


Martin Orkin, “Film and the Uncanny, Shakespeare Making Possible Things Not so Held, Communicating with Dreams.” SEDERI 21 (2011): 49-70.


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This essay supports the view that present day cinema as an art form in its own right – rather than film always as adaptation of a literary text – provides an additional pedagogic and comparative opportunity for the analysis of aspects of Shakespeare’s early modern texts. The essay takes as point of departure aspects of the uncanny as evoked in the cinematic experience. It then focuses upon aspects of experience and growth, as well as upon problems attached to language and narrativity as these are explored both in film-texts by Pedro Almodóvar and by Eytan Fox, and also in plays by William Shakespeare.

Keywords: Cinema; pedagogic; comparative; experience and growth; language and narrativity; uncanny.




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