Sederi 18

Sederi 18
Sederi 18 — 2008
Jorge Figueroa Dorrego
Clara Calvo López
Javier Pérez Guerra
ISSN 1135-7789

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ARTICLES Pag.        
Díaz Santiago, Mª Victoria. The necromancer Friar Bacon in the magic world of Greene’s comedyFriar Bacon and Friar Bungay 5-26
Fernández Rodríguez, Carmen María. Frail patriarchy and the authority of the repressed in William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure 27-43
Matuska, Ágnes. “Masking players, painted sepulchers and double dealing ambidexters” on duty: anti-theatricalist tracts on audience involvement and the transformative power of plays 45-59
Ribes Trave, Purificación. Stefan Zweig’s Volpone, eine lieblose Komödie: a reassessment 61-80
Rodríguez Rodríguez, Beatriz Mª. David Rowland’s Lazarillo de Tormes (1586): analysis of expansions in an Elizabethan translation 81-96
Ruano García, F. Javier. North-East Yorkshire speech in the late seventeenth century: a phonological orthographical evaluation of an anonymous printed broadside 97-119
Sell, Jonathan P.A.. Vulgar poesy and the music of disorder in The Tempest 121-145
Taylor, Gary. Historicism, presentism and time: Middleton’s The Spanish Gypsy and A Game at Chess 147-170

REVIEWS Pag.        
López-Peláez Casellas, Jesús. Borge, Francisco J. 2007. A New World for a New Nation. The Promotion of America in Early Modern England 173-179
Sáez Hidalgo, Ana. Álvarez Recio, Leticia 2006. Rameras de Babilonia: historia cultural del anticatolicismo en la Inglaterra Tudor 181-185