Sederi 32

Sederi 32
Sederi 32 — 2022
Marta Cerezo Moreno
Isabel Guerrero Llorente
Miguel Ramalhete
ISSN 1135-7789

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ARTICLES Pag.        
María José Coperías-Aguilar. Between fictionality and reality: The “novels” in the Gentleman’s Journal 7-30
Antonio Espigares Pinilla and Renae Satterley. The three manuscript copies of Robert Ashley’s Of Honour and Sebastián Fox Morcillo’s De honore. Study of a translation plagiarism 31-65
Víctor Fernández Fernández. Guzmán de Silva and Elizabeth I: A diplomacy of emotion 67-86
Cristina Paravano. “Remembrance of things past”: Classical and Renaissance echoes in Philip Massinger’s The Roman Actor 87-110

REVIEWS Pag.        
Jorge Blanco-Vacas, ed. Mr. Turbulent. A Critical Edition (by Jorge Figueroa Dorrego) 113-117
Evelyn Gajowski, ed. The Arden Research Handbook of Contemporary Shakespeare Criticism (by Víctor Huertas Martín) 118-122
Gábor Gelléri and Rachel Willie, eds. Travel and Conflict in the Early Modern World (by Liam Benison) 123-127
Andrew James Hartley and Peter Holland, eds. Shakespeare and Geek Culture (by Larisa Kocic-Zámbó) 128-132
Victoria M. Muñoz, Spanish Romance in the Battle for Global Supremacy: Tudor and Stuart Black Legends (by Leticia Álvarez Recio) 133-137
Richard Proudfoot, Ann Thompson, David Scott Kastan and H. R. Woudhuysen, eds. The Arden Shakespeare Third Series Complete Works (by Jesús Tronch) 138-143
David Ruiter, ed. The Arden Research Handbook of Shakespeare and Social Justice (by Remedios Perni) 144-148
Kiernan Ryan, Shakespearean Tragedy (by Jonathan P. A. Sell) 149-153
Alexander Samson, Mary and Philip: The Marriage of Tudor England and Habsburg Spain (by Berta Cano Echevarría) 154-158
Jordi Sánchez-Martí, ed. Los libros de caballerías en Inglaterra, 1578-1700 (by Stefano Neri) 159-163
Jonathan P. A. Sell, Shakespeare’s Sublime Ethos: Matter, Stage, Form & Jonathan P. A. Sell, Shakespeare’s Sublime Pathos: Person, Audience, Language (by Zenón Luis-Martínez) 164-168