Sederi 4

Sederi 4
Edited by Teresa Guerra Bosch
Sederi — Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
ISBN 84-88412-02-9

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Preliminaries 1-5
Aguirre, Manuel: Repetition Metaphor and Conceit in the Renaissance 5-10
Campbell, Gordon: Milton and The Languages of the Renaissance 11-21
Conejo Fort, María Ángeles: In and Out of the Bird-Cage: The Language of Confinement in the Duchess of Malfi 23-30
Expósito González, María de la Cruz : Relativization and Register: a Seventeenth Century Survey 31-40
Galván Reula, Fernando: «I am not I, Pitie the Tale of Me»: Reading and Writing (in) Astrophil and Stella 41-62
Garcés García, Pilar: The Place of Man in the Chains of Being According to Sidney’s Defence of Poesie 63-68
Gregor, Kreith: Narrative and its Representation in Othello 69-75
Guerra Bosch, Teresa: Some Analogies in La Celestina and Troilus and Cresida 77-86
Healy, Thomas: Marlowe and the Drama of Protestant sexuality 87-102
López-Peláez, Jesús: Tragedy & Shared-Guilt: A Comparative Approach to Othello y El Pintor de su deshonra 103-110
López-Peláez, María Paz: El laúd en el Renacimiento inglés 111-119
Martínez López, Miguel: Renaissance Visions of Paradise: Ancient Religious Sources of Thomas More’s The Best State of a Commonwealth and the New Island of Utopia 121-132
Martínez Lorente, Joaquín: “More’s Utopia ” or “Utopia’s Utopias ?”: How to handle textual and generic doubling 133-142
Mele Marrero, Margarita: Cony Catchers and cazadores de gatos: An Examination of the Lexis Related to Thieves and Swindlers in England and Spain in the 16th and 17th Centuries 143-153
Monnickendam, Andrew: The Poet and the Bard 155-164
Muñoz Valivieso, Sofía: Northrop Frye’s Critical Approach to Shakespeare’s Last Plays 165-172
Murillo Murillo, Ana María: Redefining Characters in Translation: A Case 173-179
Olivera Villacampa, Macario: The Book Of Common Prayer: Its Making and Language 181-190
Sáez González, Rosa: Masks and Characters in The Merchant of Venice and Los intereses creados 191-202
Sánchez Escribano, F. Javier: Tamburlaine, the Scourge of God: Mexia, Marlowe and Vélez de Guevara 203-215
Sastre Colino, Concha: The Romance in Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest 217-228
Shepherd, Robert K.: Criseyde/Creseid/Creseida: What’s in a name? 229-236
Sinfield, Alan: Dissident Reading : Summary 237-242
Tejera Llano, Dionisia: Dr. Faustus and D. Juan: Two Baroque Heroes 243-250
Uhlig, Claus: Remarks on the Chronology of Transition: Renaissance-Mannerism-Baroque 251-271
Verdaguer, Isabel: Problems in Translating Guzmán de Alfarache into English 273-279
Sánchez Escribano, F. Javier: Who’s who in SEDERI (1993) 281-305