Sederi 6

Sederi 6
Edited by Ana María Manzanas Calvo & S. G. Fernández-Corugedo
Sederi — Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha
ISSN 1135-7789

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Ballesteros González, Antonio. “Lost in Paradisiacal Beauty: Milton ‘s Re-writing of the Narcisus Myth” 7-12
Calvo, Clara. “Shakespeare’s and the Press: the Ideological Appropriation of Romeo and Juliet 13-19
Cora Alonso, Jesús, “Two Examples of Poetic Parallelism between John Donne and Lope de Vega” 21-28
Chamosa González, Jose Luis. “Some Comments on Sir Philip Sidney’s Certain Sonnets : Heterogeneity and Unity” 29-36
Félix García, María del Mar, “ The Spanish Tragedy and Los Comendadores de Córdoba . Two Different Appoaches to the Senecan Revenge Theme” 37-42
Castillo, Francisco Javier: The English Renaissance and the Canary Islands: Thomas Nichols and Edmund Scory 43-51
González Fernández de Sevilla, José Manuel. “ A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Almagro” 53-58
González y Fernández-Corugedo, Santiago. “Editing Renaissance Classics in Spain in the 90’s” 59-74
Gray, Douglas. “Ends and Beginnings in the Earlier Sixteenth-Century Drama” 75-91
López-Peláez Casellas, Jesús. “Woman as Text in Othello and in Calderon’s Dramas de Honor” 93-98
Manzanas Calvo, Ana María. “Ideological Tensions in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko 99-105
López Martínez, Miguel. “Overreaching Flesh and Soul : The Theme of Damnation in Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and Tirso de Molina’s Don Juan 107-115
Martínez Lorente, Joaquín. “Possible-World Theories and the Two Fictional Worlds of More’s Utopia : How Much (and How) Can We Apply?” 117-123
Olivera Villacampa, Macario. “Hypocrites in Puritan Doctrine” 125-130
Prieto Pablos, Juan Antonio. “For the Love of Gaveston: Edward II and Audience Response in Elizabeth England” 131-146
Rodríguez Ledesma, María Nieves. “Distribution of Lexical Doublets in The Compaynt of Scotland” 147-151
Sáez González, Rosa. “Tragic Heroes: Avengers or Victims” 153-161
Sánchez Escribano, Javier. “Shakespeare’s Richard II : A Historical Reading” 163-173
Sánchez Roura, María Teresa. “Addressing the Audience of the Towneley Plays” 175-188
Shepherd, Robert K. “How Scottish Weather Affected the English Literary Climate” 189-195
Soubriet Velasco, Beatriz. “Chaos and Harmony in Middleton’s A Game at Chess 197-201
Tejera, Dionisia. “Spanish-English Relationship in the Work of Thomas Gage; al. Tomás de Santa María” 203-208
Thompson, Ann. “Feminist Criticism: The First/Last Twenty Years” 209-214
Whitlock, Keith. “The Spanish Gypsy Under the Spanish Eyes” 215-227
Wilcox, Helen: “‘The soul in Paraphrase’: The Devotional Poetry of George Herbert and his Contemporaries” 229-240