Sederi 1

Sederi 1
Edited by Javier Sánchez Escribano
Sederi — Universidad de Zaragoza
ISBN 84-7733-218-5

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Shaw, Patricia. Ale-wives, Old wives, Widows and Witches: The Older Woman in English Renaissance Literature 9-35
Olivera, Macario. The Birth of the Bible in English 37-43
Suárez, Socorro y Tazón E., Juan. Platonism and Love in Sir Walter Raleigh’s life and works 45-53
Fernández, Santiago. Platonism and Love in Spenser’s minor poetry 55-70
Chamosa, J. Luis. Poetry translated from the Spanish: The case of England’s Helicon 71-82
Floren, Celia. Some aspects of rhyme and suffixation in The Rape of Lucrece 83-93
González, J. M.. Political Strategies of Drama in Renaissance England 94-104
Martínez, Miguel. The Philosophy of Death in Ch. Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus 105-122
Dañobeitia, M. Luisa. Duplication and Emulation in King Lear 123-137
Sánchez, Javier. English translations from the Spanish through French in the 17th century 139-156
Murillo, Ana. The Spanish Jilt: the first English version of La Pícara Justina 157-177
Monnickendam, Andrew. Paradise Lost as a novel 179-190
Mairal, Ricardo. The Semantic Field of “Light” and “Darkness” in Paradise Lost 191-209
López, Blanca. Sir William D’Avenant’s so-called improvements of Macbeth 211-222
Ungerer, Gustav. Thomas Shadwell’s The Libertine: A forgotten Restoration Don Juan Play 223-240