Sederi 2

Sederi 2
Edited by S. G. Fernández-Corugedo
Sederi — Universidad de Oviedo
ISBN 84-7468-512-5

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Preliminaries 1-8
Aguilera, Mauricio D.: From Fire to Water: A symbolic analysis of the elements in the Elizabethan erotic discourse 9-22
Aguirre, Manuel: The Dram of Evil: Medieval Symbolism in Hamlet 23-28
Bravo, Antonio: A Commentary on four Courtier Poets’ Autographs: 29-38
Calvo, Clara: Authorial Revision & Authoritative Texts: A Case for Discourse Stylistics and the Pied Bull Quarto: 39-58
Castillo, Francisco Javier: The English Renaissance and the Canary Islands: Thomas Nichols and Edmund Scory 57-70
Chamosa, José Luis: The strange fate of the English Arnalte y Lucenda by Diego de San Pedro 71-82
Dañobeitia, María Luisa: The Inevitable Death of Desdemona: Shakespeare and the Mediterranean Tradition 83-94
Fortunati, Vita: The ‘Female Page’: Transvestism and ‘Ambiguity’ in Elizabethan Theatre Roles 95-112
García, Francisco: Mateo de Oviedo, perhaps Ireland’s greatest Spanish Friend of all time 113-122
Gleeson, Mary: Celtic Undertones in Macbeth 123-134
González, José Manuel: Existential Needs and Political Deeds in Coriolanus 135-146
Guerra, Teresa: The Nature of Shakespearean Tragedy 147-156
Krauel, Blanca: Events surrounding Thomas Malliard’s Will, and English Merchant in Seville (1522-1523) 157-166
López-Peláez, Jesús: The Inevitable Death of Desdemona: the Conflict between Will and Reason 167-180
López-Peláez, Jesús: The Inevitable Death of Desdemona: the Conflict between Will and Reason 167-180
Monnickendam, Andrew: Fallen Fruit, Fallen Men and a Fallen State: Images in Marvell’s Pastoral Poetry 181-192
Murillo, Ana: Love and Chastity in Two Early English Versions of La Celestina 193-206
Olivera, Macario: Your Majesty, the Head of the Church of England 207-216
Pacheco, Margarita: Some Educational Aspects in England in the XVIth Century 217-230
Sánchez, Javier: The Spanish Match through the Texts: Jonson, Middleton and Howell 231-246
Sánchez, Ramón: The First Captivity Narrative: Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca’s 1542 La Relacion 247-260
Santoyo, Julio César: Lewkenor/Lucanor, 1555?-1627: fragmentos biobibliográficos de un traductor olvidado 261-288
Shaw, Patricia: Philip II and Seduction a la española in an Elizabethan Roman à Clef 289-302
Shepherd, Robert K.:Shakespeare’s Henry V; Person and Persona 303-320
Suárez, Socorro: Blood, Love and Tears: Renaissance Entertainment 313-320
Tazón, Juan Emilio & Viñuela, Urbano: ‘Caliban’s’ choice in the ‘Irish Tempest’ 321-329