Sederi 9

Sederi 9
Editor: Jesús Cora
Assistant Editors: Isabel de la Cruz
and Guzmán Mancho Barés
General Editor: S. G. Fernández-Corugedo
ISSN 1135-7789


Cruz Cabanillas, Isabel de la. English Etymological Respellings and Their Influence upon Pronunciation 1-8
García-Bermejo Giner, María Fuencisla. The Northern/Scottish Dialect in Nathaniel Woodes’ A Conflict of Conscience (1581) 9-22
González Álvarez, Dolores. Evaluative Subject Modifiers in Early Modern English 23-38

Borot, Luc. Early Journalism in Sixteenth- and Seventeeth-Century England: The Interface between Literature and «Popular Culture» 41-58
Ungerer, Gustav. Juan Pantoja de la Cruz and the Circulation of Gifts Between the English and Spanish Courts in 1604/5 59-78
Cuder Domínguez, Pilar. «In Stella’s face I read»: Stella as Palimpsest in Sidney’s Sonnet Sequence 79-84
Hernández Santano, Sonia. Corrupted Platonism in Astrophil and Stella: The Expression of Desire 85-90
Cora Alonso, Jesús. Donne’s Holy Sonnet I and Alciato’s Emblem CXXI 91-122
Pando Cantelli, María J. Sonnets, Rooms, Tears and Books: the Poetics of Physical Spaces in Donne’s Love Poetry 123-128
Prieto Pablos, Juan Antonio. John Donne’s Rhetoric of Suspension 129-134
Ribes Triver, Purificación. Religious Struggle in John Donne and Ausiàs March 135-148
Carvalho Homem, Rui. Difficult Ancestors: Modern Irish Poets and their Elizabethan Predecessors 149-158
Relvas, María Jesús. Baltasar Gracián and the Ethics of the Renaissance 159-162
Curbet, Joan. «Changeling love»: The Function of Cupid in Fulke Greville’s Caelica 163-170
Flotats, Rosa. Three and its Content: Thought, Hope, Poetry in Milton 171-178
Sáez Hidalgo, Ana. The Romantic Robert Burton or the Art of Forgery 1179-188
Stone, John. A Gardenist Reading of Andrew Marvell’s «Upon Appleton House» 189-202
López-Peláez Casellas, Jesús. The Enemy Within: Otherness in T. Dekker’s Lust’s Dominion 203-208
Vélez Núñez, Rafael. The Poetical Mind in Ben Jonson’s Masques 209-214

Campbell, Gordon. Obelisks and Pyramids in Shakespeare, Milton and Alcalá 217-232
Wilson, Hugh. Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew and Traces of Spanish Influence: Or, Exemplary Tales, and Picaresque Fictions 233-256
Machado, María Salomé. Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew and Johnson’s Epicoene: The Women in the Stocks 257-264
Ballesteros González, Antonio. The Ominous Fate of Monstrosity in King Lear 265-270
Bueno Alonso, Jorge Luis. History, Patriotism and Religion in William Shakespeare’s Henry V 271-284
González Campos, Miguel Ángel. Shakespeare in Outer Space: Forbidden Planet as Adaptation of The Tempest 285-292
González Fernández de Sevilla, José Manuel. Shakespeare’s Use of History in Escala’s Criticism 293-298
Muñoz Valdivieso, Sofía. Double Erasure in The Tempest: Miranda in Postmodern Critical Discourse 299-304
Tronch, Jesús. New Old Readings in the Texts of Hamlet 305-317