Sederi 10

Sederi 10
María Fuencisla García-Bermejo Giner
Gudelia Rodríguez Sánchez
Javier Sánchez Díez
ISSN 1135-7789

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Contents and Editors’ Foreword 7-8
BLAKE, N.F. “The Study of Shakespeare’s Language: Its Implications for Editors, Critics and Translators” 11-30
DE LA CRUZ CABANILLAS, ISABEL. “Lexical Ambiguity and Wordplay in Shakespeare” 31-36
GUZMÁN GONZÁLEZ, TRINIDAD. “Gender, Grammar and Poetry: Early 17th-Century Miscellanies in the Light of Historical Sociolinguistics” 37-46
O’ NEILL, MARÍA. “Strategies of Rebuttal in the Spelling Reform Debate: An Analysis of Richard Mulcaster’s Denunciation of the Phonemic Reformers” 47-52
SÁNCHEZ ROURA, MARÍA TERESA. “Epistolary Formulae in Late Middle English Commercial Correspondence: the Cely Letters” 53-60
VERDAGUER, ISABEL. “English Verbs of Intellectual Activity in the Renaissance: A Cognitive Approach” 61-66
HOENSELAARS, TON. “The Seventeenth-Century Reception of English Renaissance Drama in Europe” 69-88
CASANOVA, JORGE. “Robert Burton’s Portrait ‘Philosophically, Medicinally and Historically’ Supported” 89-96
CUDER DOMÍNGUEZ, PILAR. “Merry Wives and Widows in Aphra Behn’s Later Comedies” 97-104
FIGUEROA DORREGO, JORGE. “Men’s Inconstancy in the Prose Fiction of Mary Wroth and María de Zayas” 105-110
MONNICKENDAM, ANDREW. “The Meerie Lawes of 1646: The Parliament of Women as Lampoon and Subversion” 111-120
STONE, JOHN. “John Cowell’s Interpreter: Legal Tradition and Lexicographical Innovation” 121-130
GARCÍA GARCÍA, LUCÍANO. “Towards a Definition of European Tragicomedy and Romantic Comedy of the Seventeenth Century: The Courtly Fashion in England and Spain” 131-140
PARDO GARCÍA, PEDRO JAVIER. “Parody, Satire and Quixotism in Beaumont’s The Knight of the Burning Pestle” 141-152
MEIRA SERRAS, ADELAIDE. “The Will to Reform. Milton’s and Verney’s Educational Projects” 153-158
VÉLEZ NÚÑEZ, RAFAEL. “Music Symbolism in Stuart Pageantry” 159-164
WHITLOCK, KEITH. “Shakespeare’s The Tempest: Some Thought Experiments” 167-184
ÁLVAREZ FAEDO, MARÍA JOSÉ. “Two Film Versions of Othello: A Twentieth-century Approach to Shakespeare’s Play” 185-193
CARVALHO HOMEM, RUI. “Of Power and Race and Sex – with due respect: on some Portuguese translations of Othello” 194-204
CEREZO MORENO, MARTA. “The Controlling Force of Rome in Coriolanus and Julius Caesar” 205-210
HIDALGO, JUAN CARLOS. “The Split ‘I’ in Celestino Coronado’s Hamlet” 211-216
FIUEIRÒA NAVARRO MACHADO, MARIA SALOMÉ. “The Sins of the Fathers: Marlowe’s Barabas and Shakespeare’s Shylock” 217-224
OLIVARES MERINO, EUGENIO. “The Fismonger’s Daughter Goes Crazy (I): the Domineering Father, the Mad Lover, and the Dead Mother” 225-238
SÁNCHEZ ESCRIBANO, F. JAVIER. “English Renaissance Studies in Spain: A Bibliography up to 1995” 241-304