Sederi 11

Sederi 11
Universidad de Huelva
ISSN 1135-7789

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Kiss, Attila. “The Body Semiotic in the Theatre” 13-23
Homem, Rui Carvalho. “Fleshly Voyages: Ben Jonson, Space and the Body” 25-41
Cano Echeverría, Berta y María Eugenia Perojo Arronte. “‘A Medicine of Cheries’: The Language of Profit in Sydney’s Defence of Poesie” 43-48
Casanova, Jorge. “Crashaw and the Emblem Revisited” 49-56
Domínguez Romero, Elena. “‘By Cruell Love Now Slaine’: Virgilian Structures and Themes in England’s Helicon” 59-65
Figueroa Dorrego, Jorge. “Wroth and Weamys: Two Different Approaches to Pastoral Romance, Love, and Gender” 67-73
Sáez Hidalgo, Ana. “The Spanish Connection of The Anatomy of Melancholy” 75-89
Zunino Garrido, Cinta. “Mycetes’ Rhetorical Failure in Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine The Great” 91-97
Parker, Patricia. “What’s in a Name: And More” 101-149
Álvarez Faedo, María José. “Orson Welles’s Gothic Cinematic Approach to Shakespeare’sMacbeth” 151-159
Barneto Alanís, Alfonso. “‘Momentary grace’: the Platonic Undertones of Hastings’ Prophecy in Richard III” 161-168
Dawson, Janet. “Order and Disorder in Two Versions of Troilus and Cressida: The Case of Ulysses” 169-177
González Campos, Miguel Ángel. ““Had I/ not four or five women once that tended me?”: Paul Mazursky’s Version of Shakespeare’s Tempest” 179-184
Martínez, Zenón Luis. “True Looking-glasses: Narcissism and Motherhood in Shakespeare’s Sonnets” 185-194
Machado, María Salomé. “Defying Convention: the Verbalization of Eroticism in W. Shakespeare’s Othello and J. Donne’s Elegie XIX” 195-202
García-Bermejo Giner, María F. “The Language in Mary Rowlandson’s 1682 Captivity Narrative” 205-215
Gómez Lara, Manuel J. “Trotting to the Waters: Seventeenth Century Spas as Cultural Landscapes” 219-239
Arreciado Charlo, Victoria. “The Decline of the Monarch’s Prerogative: Banks and his Imitators” 241-245
Calero del Valle, María José. “The Ravished Heroine in Restoration Tragedy: Ibrahim the Thirteenth Emperor of the Turks and The Conquest of Spain” 247-253
Domínguez García, Beatriz. “The Search for Female Power in Catharine Trotter’s Agnes de Castro” 255-261
Meira Sierras, Adelaide. “Towards a Female Identity” 263-270
Pérez Vides, Auxiliadora. “Gender, Disguise and the Politics of Marriage in Ariadne’s She Ventures and He Wins” 271-276
Vélez Núñez, Rafael. “Transformations of courtly entertainments: Restoration odes” 277-283
Villegas López, Sonia. “Catharine Trotter’s Agnes de Castro, or the Revision of Female Virtue” 285-290
Álvarez Recio, Leticia. “An Approach to English Anti-Catholicism Through the Analysis of Some 17th Century Anti-Jesuitical Pamphlets” 293-300
Bromber, Robert. “Abandonados and Afortunados: The Prosecution of Corsarios by the Mexican Inquisition” 301-311
Carrillo Linares, María José. “The Days of the Moon: Science, Magic or Poetry?” 313-318
Curbet, Joan. “Dogma and the Limits of Heteroglossia in Sir Thomas More’s Dialogue Concerning Heresies (1528)” 319-329
Monnickendam, Andrew. “The Un-Merry Laws: Marriage, Widows and Adultery in Two 1656 Tracts” 331-341
Whitlock, Keith. “Folklore: opiate of the people or the social cement of middle England?” 343-355