Sederi 12

Sederi 12
Universidad de Valladolid
ISSN 1135-7789 / ISBN 84-8448-134-4

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Preliminaries 1-8
Clark, Sandra. “Deeds Against Nature: Women and Crime in Street Literature of Early Modern England ” 9-30
Hammond, Gerald. “Mary Sidney’s Psalms and the Uses of History” 31-50
Hidalgo , Pilar. “On Reading Harold Bloom’s Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human” 51-68
Vickers, Brian, “Jakob Burkhardt’s Idea of the Renaissance” 69-95
Alvarez-Recio, Leticia. “An Approach to the Emblematic Tradition in 17th Century Anti-Catholic Pamphlets” 97-105
Beagles, Martin. “Hidden Spanish Treasure in a Seventeenth-Century Text: The Strange Case of Dr García and Mr Howell” 107-121
Bromber, Robert, “The Liar and the Bard: David Ingram, William Shakespeare, and The Tempes t” 123-133
Cano Echevarría, Berta & Mª Eugenia Perojo Arronte. “Astrophil and Stella: An Unprofitable Relationship?” 135-141
Casanova, Jorge. “‘Before Words’: Seeing and Privacy in Renaissance Poetry” 143-150
Cora, Jesús. “Sleepe fy possess mee nott”: The Return of the Repressed in Lady Mary Wroth’s Pamphilia to Amphilanthus (1621), Sonnets 16 and 17” 151-179
Chu , Hsiang-chun. “‘The master mistress of my passion’: Cross-dressing and Gender Performance in Twelfth Night 181-191
Domínguez Romero, Elena. “‘Between the pale complexion of true love, and the red glow of scorn’: Traditions of Pastoral Love in As You Like It 193-200
Figueroa, Jorge. “Having ‘To Bear the Yoke’: Women and Jest-Books of the Early Seventeenth Century” 201-208
García-Bermejo Giner, Mª Fuencisla. “Regional dialects in Sixteenth-century Jest-Books” 209-228
González Campos, Miguel Angel. “An Effeminate Prince”: Gender Construction in Shakespeare’s First Tetralogy” 229-235
Gregor, Keith & Encarna Vidal Rodríguez. “The ‘Other’ William and the Question of Authority in Spanish Stage Depictions of Shakespeare” 237-246
Harrington, Gary . “‘When the Battle’s Lost and Won’: The Opening of Shakespeare’s 1 Henry IV 247-257
Hernández Santano, Sonia: “Marston’s The Metamorphosis of Pigmalion’s Image : The Ovidian myth revisited” 259-268
Hughes, Derek. “Human Sacrifice and Seventeenth-century Economics: Otway’s Venice Preserv’d 269-279
Kottman, Paul. “ Macbeth and the Ghosts of Sovereignty” 281-300
O’Neill, Maria. “John Hart’s Discourse on Spelling Reform : Disease and War in the Body Politic” 301-311
Rodríguez Gómez, Paula. “ Macbeth ‘s Portrait Of Câd Goddeu. Encounters With The Celtic World” 313-321
Serras, Adelaida. “Dystopian Female Images in More’s Utopia 323-330
Stone, John. “The Law of Contract in Ferdinando Parkhurst’s Ignoramus, the Academical-Lawyer 331-340
Zunino Garrido, Cinta: “Rhetoric and Truth in The Spanish Tragedy 341-348