Sederi 14

Sederi 14
Universidad de Jaén
ISSN 1135-7789

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ARTICLES Pag.        
Castro Carracedo, Juan. Pium Vestrus Catullum Britannum: The Influence of Catullus’ Poetry on John Skelton. 3
Cora Alonso, Jesús. “This dream is all amiss interpreted”: Julius Caesar, Shakespeare’s Alchemical Tragedy. 17
Demetriou, Eroulla. Michael Du Val and Count Gondomar: an Approximation towards the Authorship of The Spanish-English Rose Or The English-Spanish Pomgranet (c. 1623). 53
George, J.-A. “A pestelaunce on the crabyd queane”: The Hybrid Nature of John Pikeryng’s Horestes. 65
Jowett, John. Timon and Mining. 77
López-Peláez Casellas, Jesús. The Neo-Stoic Revival in English Literature of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: An Approach. 93
Shorrocks, Graham. The Rev. William Hutton’s A Bran New Wark: The Westmorland Dialect in the Late Early-Modern Period. 117
Talvet, Jüri. Between Dreams and Reality: The Message and the Image of Renaissance Humanism. 137
Whitlock, Keith. The Robert Ashley Founding Bequest to the Middle Temple Library and John Donne’s Library. 153

NOTES Pag.        
Abrahams, Eileen. “I Nothing know”: Emilia’s Rhetoric of Self-Resistance in Othello. 179
Agrafojo Blanco, Héctor. The Rise of Modal Meanings in Early Modern English: the case of the Semi-Auxiliary Verb BE supposed to. 189
Domínguez Romero, Elena. Some Considerations on the Pastourelle in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. 199
González Campos, Miguel Ángel . The Portrayal of Treason in The Tempest: The Fourfold Role of a Machiavellian Duke. 207
Loureiro Porto, Lucía. A Corpus-Based Approach to eModE have need. 217
Mesa Villar, José María. Musings from Ophelia’s Watery Voyage: Images of Female Submission in Shakespeare’s and Millais’ Drowning Maiden. 227
Villegas López, Sonia. Aphra Behn’s Sentimental History: The Case Study of Agnes de Castro, or the Force of Generous Love (1688). 239

REVIEWS Pag.        
Bueno Alonso, Jorge Luis. Richard Dutton and Jean E. Howard, eds. 2003: A Companion to Shakespeare’s Works. 249
Figueroa Dórrego, Jorge. Joseph Arrowsmith. 2003: The Reformation. Edited by Juan A. Prieto-Pablos, María José Mora, Manuel J. Gómez-Lara and Rafael Portillo. 265
Machado, María Salomé. Reading Jorge Figueroa Dorrego’s Tecendo tramas, fiando ficcións: Narrativa inglesa de autoria feminina (1621-1688). 271
Prieto Pablos, Juan A. Ángel Luis Pujante and Ton Hoenselaars, eds. 2003: Four Hundred Years of Shakespeare in Europe. 273