Sederi 15

Sederi 15
Sederi — 2005
Jorge Figueroa Borrego
Clara Calvo López
Javier Pérez Guerra
ISSN 1135-7789

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ARTICLES Pag.        
Castro Carracedo, Juan. “To lerne you to dye when ye wyll”: John Skelton and the Ars Moriendi tradition” 5-21
Fanego, Teresa. “Fare thee well, dame”: Shakespeare’s forms of address and their socio-affective role 23-42
Muñoz Valdivieso, Sofía. Postmodern recreations of the Renaissance: Robert Nye’s fictional biographies of William Shakespeare 43-62
Portillo, Rafael. Staging Restoration dramas: practical aspects of their performance 63-80
Ribes Traver, Purificación. Araquistáin’s 1929 version of Volpone 81-100

NOTES Pag.        
Gómez Lara, Manuel J. Ambiguous devices: the use of dramatic emblems in Marlowe’s Edward II (1592) 103-113
Mora, María José. The political is personal: the attack on Shadwell in Sir Barnaby Whigg 115-128
Pujante, Angel Luis & Keith Gregor. The four neoclassical Spanish Hamlets: assimilation and revision 129-141

REVIEWS Pag.        
Prieto Pablos, Juan Antonio. Cerezo, Marta. 2005: Critical Approaches to Shakespeare: Shakespeare for All Tim 145-150
Mora, María José. Eyre, Richard (dir.) 2004: Stage Beauty. Screenplay by Jeffrey Hatcher. Performed by Billy Crudup and Claire Danes 151-156
Loureiro Porto, Lucía. Hart, David (ed.) 2003: English Modality in Context. Diachronic Perspectives 157-161
De Pando Mena, Paula. Luis-Martínez, Zenón and Jorge Figueroa-Dorrego (eds.) 2003: Re-shaping the Genres. Restoration Women Writers 162-167