Sederi 31

Sederi 31
Sederi 31 — 2021
Ana Sáez-Hidalgo
Marta Cerezo Moreno
Isabel Guerrero Llorente
Miguel Ramalhete
ISSN 1135-7789

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ARTICLES Pag.        
Luciano García García. From Lives to Discurso in the biographies of Thomas More:  Roper, Harpsfield and Herrera 7-30
Antony Henk. Mending “the injurie of oblivion”: “Englishing” Chaucer and Barbour in early printed editions 31-54
Lisa Hopkins. “By Jupiter, forgot”: Volscians and Scots in Shakespeare and Arbella Stuart 55-72
Francesca Rayner. The story of what might have been: Interrogating Romeo and Juliet under the Portuguese dictatorship 73-92
José Ruiz Mas. English travelers in early modern Cyprus: Piety, commerce and anti-Ottoman sentiment 93-115
Alison Shell. Priestly playwright, secular priest: William Drury’s Latin and English drama 117-45

NOTES Pag.        
Valerie Schutte. A ballad of treason for Queen Mary I’s accession 145-58

REVIEWS Pag.        
Kate Aughterson and Ailsa Grant Ferguson, Shakespeare and Gender: Sex and Sexuality in Shakespeare’s Drama (by Jennifer Ruiz Morgan) 161-65
Sophie Chiari & Sophie Lemercier-Goddard, eds. John Webster’s “Dismal Tragedy”: The Duchess of Malfi Reconsidered (by Mª Jesús Pérez Jáuregui) 166-70
Jennifer Drouin, ed. Shakespeare / Sex: Contemporary Readings in Gender and Sexuality (by Francesca Rayner) 171-73
White Kennet, Etymological Collections of English Words, edited by Javier Ruano-García (by Christopher Langmuir) 174-77
Irene Montori, Milton, the Sublime and Dramas of Choice: Figures of Heroic and Literary Virtue (by Jonathan Sell) 178-82
Ángel-Luis Pujante and Keith Gregor, eds. Otelo en España. La versión neoclásica y las obras relacionadas (by Jesús López-Peláez Casellas) 183-87
Rocío G. Sumillera. Invention: The Language of English Renaissance Poetics (by Jonathan Sell) 188-91
Rémi Vuillemin, Laetitia Sansonetti and Enrica Zanin, eds. The early modern English sonnet. Ever in motion (by María Vera Reyes) 192-96